Best Android blackjack trainers

Blackjack all-in-one trainer

Blackjack all-in-one trainer is games in which you sometimes need to give up to earn more when it comes to playing for money. You will be able to separately train different styles of the game, such as pairs and Soft Hand.

Set up a table where there will be from 1 to 8 decks of cards, add additional parameters, and train! Blackjack all-in-one trainer is a great way to enter the world of professional card sport prepared and ready to give battle to any opponent, thereby earning a lot of money! Collect statistics, pull up lagging skills and train, devoting 20 minutes of your free time to this!

Blackjack strategy practice

Best Android blackjack trainersIt’s an exciting board game for android, where you will learn to play blackjack. In this game, your main task will be to develop your ideal strategy for playing a card game. Play this game with your friends and get great results. This is the best Android blackjack app to help you quickly understand the rules and basics of the game.

Blackjack Strategy Practice, Blackjack Trainer

If you are serious about winning more by playing blackjack, use this app to quickly and easily build your best strategy.


  • An optimal strategy for 8 decks.
  • A simplified strategy for easy learning, but just as effective.
  • Unlimited practice.
  • Customizable strategy for personal preferences.

Blackjack trainer pro

This Blackjack Trainer Android app will teach you to play with the highest possible chance of winning. You get 2 cards from the dealer, and you see his open card. Now you need to decide whether you want to take another card, stop, split, double down or give up.

With the help of BlackJack Trainer, you can set the rules of your casino and thus learn the optimal strategy. This feature is available only in BlackJack Trainer.

Blackjack trainer

AE Magwin: Free Casino Slot Machines Bingo Games

An educational application dedicated to the legendary card game – BlackJack. The game is popular in all countries and among people of various backgrounds. Everyone at least once came across this game, but some do not know the rules. Now you can learn all the rules and play almost at the level of professionals. With specific examples, you will see how to behave in a particular situation and what cards, when to use it.

Learn how to draw cards, stop on time, split or raise bets. Know in all measures!

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