Blackjack strategies – tips for beginners

Blackjack strategies

Blackjack is considered to be one of the most popular games played in both offline and online casinos. Both types of casinos have their advantages and disadvantages. So, beginners can safely try both options. For example, an offline casino has a strategy such as Hi Lo, i.e. card counting works more efficiently than in an online casino, where RNG works, and the cards are shuffled after each hand. However, you can play for free in an online casino and thus learn all kinds of blackjack strategies and rules.

The beginning of the game

If you are a beginner, the best option to start playing blackjack is to learn the basic strategy. It was developed more than 30 years ago and is still very popular. The basic strategy is based on the theory of probability of loss of cards described in a special table. You should remember that this table is not difficult, especially if you constantly practice and use it. An example of the probability of cards according to the basic strategy: if a player has 10 points, and a dealer has a card from 2 to 9, then the player should double the bet; if the dealer has cards from 10 to ACE, then you just need to get a card. If the player has 17 points or more after the first deal, and the dealer has any card, then the player should pass and give the casino a move. At first, you can play with a table in front of your eyes if it is an online casino.

You can play in an online casino for free and even without registration, which gives a good chance for beginners to learn the rules of the game and get all the necessary information. If you are in an online casino, you will quickly understand how to play blackjack, and not to lose money until the player has confidence in their abilities to play for real money.

If a player starts playing for money, then it is necessary to determine the amount of money that the player can afford to lose. Then the disappointment of losing will not be as bitter as if the player left all the money in the casino. It is the best option to start playing blackjack for beginners,

Beginners need to pay attention to the bets that the casino allows. The best option is a rate of 5% of the budget, which the player determines for themselves.

Insurance, which is one of the available options for playing blackjack, can be used only by those players who apply the strategy of card account and have already seriously succeeded in this, because insurance involves knowledge of cards. This allows you not only to return your original bet, but also to significantly increase it.

Doubling works if a player has a card of 10 points, and a dealer has 9 points and less. Since blackjack has many options, doubling of 9 is prohibited in some of them, and doubling on a soft hand is not recommended if the dealer of a casino has 4,5,6.

Split is better not to do if you have two 10s or 5s. Split of 8, 7 is profitable when the dealer of a casino have the same cards or lower. Split of two 2s or 3s is possible if the dealer has 4,5,6; Aces should be always split.

You need to take risks and raise rates if the game is successful, otherwise the player risks always getting the average result.

Having access to an online casino, every beginner will understand how to play blackjack, however, you can evaluate all the advantages and learn all the properties of the game of 21 only having played in both offline and online casinos.

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