Fund management in online casino

Fund management in online casino

We can return to this topic again and again, as money management is one of the most important topics for any casino customer. You can refuse from complicated games and opt for the simplest gambling entertainments; however, it won’t save you the trouble of managing your money well.

General recommendations on the management of money in the casino

Let’s start with general tips.

Never take all money you’ve saved for the game to the casino. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a golden rule. Never violate it. You have to split the bankroll into several parts and plan in advance how often you will visit the casino, how long you will play during the evening, what bets you will make, etc.

Never increase the sum you have allocated for one game day, and if you lose, just stop. This rule is particularly easy to violate in online casino, as you don’t need to go anywhere for money. However, you must learn to keep your excitement in check. Don’t even think about trying to recoup.

You should decide in advance how much you’re going to win this evening. The best way is to establish the win limit as a percentage of the amount you take to the casino. For example, 50% or 100%. Have you achieved that goal? Then it’s time to leave.

Count only money.

Casino is trying hard to make you forget about money. To achieve this, it offers you to gamble on chips, credits, coins –everything but real money. The more rarely you hold money in your hands, the easier it is to lose your head and start to risk desperately. Don’t allow this to happen. Follow the movement of your finance by calculating them in rubles, dollars, euro or other currency you use.

Even if you’re a valuable client of casino, and the latter is always ready to give you a credit, never use this opportunity. Remember it once and for all. Credits are the right way to the major losses. The same can be said of borrowing money from the other casino visitors.
Of course, these tips won’t help you to multiply your funds, but they’ll definitely help you to preserve it.

Another important note

You must clearly understand that in the great majority of cases (except for card account in blackjack) none financial management practices affect the rate of casino advantage in one or another game.
You can try to change the slot machines at the first win, place bets progressively, try to catch the winning wave, divide the whole bankroll into equal parts – all this will not help to increase the theoretical refund. One bet of $1000 or thousand bets of $1– the advantage of casino will be the same.

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